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April 7, 20200

Compared to other European countries, Serbia still offers favourable business conditions for establishing companies.
Income tax is 15%, which puts it among the lowest in Europe.

In the past 4 years, Serbia has made some strides in the form of improving political and economic stability.

It was necessary to carry out economic reforms consisting of macroeconomic stabilization and improvement
of the business climate.
Infrastructure in Serbia (transport, utilities, e-banking…)has been developed like other Western European countries, with the cost of living being much lower.
This combination makes doing business in Serbia very advantageous.

Serbia is an EU candidate country. The banking system is very stable being that there lots of big EU banking groups present in Serbia. Accounts are available in all major currencies. Cooperating with banks in Serbia is very comfortable with the support of our team. All basic and premium services are available, just like in banks in the EU. Our team and our partner companies are providing all services needed for operating in the Serbian market, from communication with the banks to communication with competent state authorities. Another advantage that operating from Serbia is offering is that our clients are not burdened with AML and compliance rules and regulations that are used in EU countries like CRS, for example.

The setting up of the company itself takes several working days.
Contact us to take the first step towards setting up an ideal business in Serbia!
With our knowledge and extensive experience, our Creative Finance Team will help you plan your activities and save
money by taking advantage of tax laws and regulations.



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