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"Know what you own, and know why you own it." - Peter Lynch

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The Firm takes pride in the team of professionals with extensive experience in accounting and tax consulting. Any of you wishing to turn your ideas into business may count on us, to use our knowledge and experience in assisting you to set up your business and facilitate the realization of new businesses and ideas. Should you need any accounting services, accounting tips, tax services or tax advice you can rely on us.

Why Creative Finance?

Why (then) Creative Finance?

Accounting is a reflection or an image of a business. That is why we see this business as an opportunity to express our knowledge and experience, to turn that skill into creation in order to make the reflection or the image of your business equally good for you and those around you.

That is why we are responsible, conscientious, dedicated, professional and loyal to the business. We approach each client individually and find the best business solutions in the shortest possible time.


As with any business, education is the key to our business. We regularly get updated on laws, regulations, opinions, instructions through professional portals, journals, the Official Gazette, the official webpage of the Tax Administration and other state institutions, forums and seminars. Every day we resolve queries, issues and new situations that our clients face in their business. We are in contact with all competent and professional services with a purpose of resolving business changes in line with the applicable legal regulations.


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  • Why do we need accounting?
  • What does accounting do?
  • What should I ask?
  • What kind of response can I expect?
  • Who can do accounting?
Why do we need accounting?

Because the Accounting Law of January 2019, sets forth the obligation for all legal entities and entrepreneurs, with the exception of sole proprietors payers of flat-tax, are obliged to keep business books in a double-entry bookkeeping system.

What does accounting do?

The job of accounting is to process, classify, post, calculate taxes, in accordance with the Law on Accounting, the Law on Value Added Tax, the Law on Corporate Income Tax, the Law on Personal Income Tax …

What should I ask?

It is always best to ask first, before embarking on a business transaction and we are available for all kinds of consultations and advice. It is more expedient to know that we can help you prepare a business change, from the idea itself, through documentation to implementation.

What kind of response can I expect?

First of all, expert, professional and responsible response accompanied by all the pros and cons of every decision you have to make.

Who can do accounting?

Amendments to the Law on Accounting, relating to the persons who keep your books of account, will become effective at the beginning of 2021. So now is the right time to entrust us with the keeping of your books of account, as our team is made of professional staff specializing in the field of accounting and auditing.