March 2022 - Creative Finance

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March 28, 20220

The interim dividend can be interesting for the companies that do not have retained earnings from the previous period but they do earn surplus revenue over costs for the current fiscal year.

March 18, 20220

Depending on whether they perform their activity as entrepreneurs or companies (where the most common form is the limited liability company i.e. LLC), businessmen in the Republic of Serbia can dispose of funds i.e. withdraw the funds from a banking account even as profit payout.

March 7, 20220

The conditions under which entrepreneurs and legal entities in Serbia can make foreign currency payouts are stipulated by the provisions of the DECISION on Cases and Conditions of Payment, Collection of Payment, Pay-in and Pay-out in Foreign Cash (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” no. 51/2015, 3/2016, 29/2016, 91/2016, 24/2017 and 29/2018).