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March 2, 20230

In order to exercise the right to the relief measure, the newly-settled taxpayer must establish an employment relationship on a permanent basis with a qualified employer. From the perspective of the Corporate Income Tax Law, an employer who is a resident of the Republic of Serbia and an employer who cannot be considered a related entity to the employer where...

February 18, 20230

The Government of the Republic of Serbia has set the task to encourage employment and lower the tax burden for employers. So as to achieve this goal, the provisions of the Individual Income Tax Law (Serbian: ZPDG), the Law on Mandatory Social Security Insurance Contributions (Serbian: ZDOSO), as well as other bylaws, were amended in 2022.  The current 8 relief measures are as follows...

January 31, 20230

Under the provisions of the Ordinance on the procedure, manner, deadlines, content and outline of the Form whereby a taxpayer registers the commercial space and premises where he/she warehouses or stores goods, including the space and premises where they conduct business operations and Article 25 of the Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration, the registration of commercial premises and space is carried...

January 19, 20230

In previous articles we discussed the complexity of the Individual Income Tax Law, as well as the scope and types of income that are subject to its application. The income from self-employment is regarded as highly significant. The tax legislation of Serbia addressed the matter of engaging in self-employment through the possibility for entrepreneurs to opt for lump-sum taxation method or real income taxation method

January 10, 20230

The Individual Income Tax is regulated by the Individual Income Tax Law in the tax system in Serbia. This law determines the taxation method and procedure for the natural persons who generate income. It is obvious that this form of taxation is one of the most complex to understand, not only for the non-residents, but for the residents of Serbia, as well.

December 22, 20220

The novelties referring to creating and submitting the financial statements for the business year 2022 are listed in Article 16, Paragraph 1 of the Law. Namely, there it is regulated that keeping business records and creating financial statements for a legal entity, i.e. entrepreneur, can be entrusted by contract in accordance to the law to a legal entity or an entrepreneur which is listed in the Register of Accounting Services Providers...

December 15, 20220

It should be noted that by having the TIN revoked, the entire business is blocked and that, in addition to the tax debt, costs only accumulate over time. The entrepreneur needs to act quickly, precisely and most importantly - persistently!