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Tax consulting facilitates tax strategy in business, optimizes tax liabilities, which results in reducing tax risk.

Tax consulting facilitates tax strategy in business, optimizes tax liabilities, which results in reducing tax risk:

  • legal
  • accounting
  • judicial
  • audit

Playing the role of experts in several fields has allowed us to percieve various situations from the perspective of an accountant, auditor, lawyer, which contributes to better integrating different opinions and quality responses to numerous tax concerns.

We cover personal income tax, corporate income tax, value added tax, property tax,
annual personal income tax all with the aim of optimizing tax expenditures, reducing
tax risk and managing the tax procedure in a professional way.

We monitor, inform and send as follows:

Basic package

  • pratimo Vaše poslovanje i usaglašenost sa poreskom regulativom

Standard paket

  • We inform you in order to prevent omissions related to all types of taxes concernign your business

Full paket

  • We calculate and file on your behalf the appropriate tax returns. Our goal is to provide you with the necessary, timely and clear information for making business decisions.

Customized packages

The packages that make the business perfect


What others said about us

The experiences of our satisfied clients speak best about us

Turkish citizen, with Estonian OU crypto currency exchange company

“My Estonian company with cryptocurrency activity is working through Serbian branch like a clockwork. Accounts opened in three different banks with E banking. Before Serbia I had problem opening bank accounts for my company.“

42-year-old Ukrainian citizen, with a holding company in Seychelles, plastics industry expert

“After years of trying to open a bank account of my Seychelles company, I have managed to revive it by forming a branch in Serbia, which once again gave me full access to banking services. Splendid!“

37-year-old businessman from Cyprus

“As the owner of a non-resident corporate account, I am very positively surprised by the speed with which a non-resident account is opened in Serbia for my company registered in Cyprus. The company is dealing with cryptocurrency trading. In less than a month, almost without any difficulty I got a bank account for my company, which is fully operational and which I use without any extra paperwork.“