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October 13, 2021

The term “lump-sum taxpayer” is a very popular choice of among entrepreneurs in our country due to the smaller number of obligations and, subsequently, easier way for their settlement. Opting for the lump-sum taxation model does not imply that this will be the cheapest option; all pros and cons shall be thoroughly considered in every single case.

October 8, 2021

A question often asked by employed foreign citizens (who have a work permit) is if they can pay salaries in foreign currencies or in compliance with the agreements on regulating the rights and duties of a non-resident manager or they can pay salaries to the employees of foreign representative offices, branches, etc.

September 30, 2021

The legislator has foreseen potential oscillations and regulated potential changes in the amount of monthly income tax advances by the Article 68 of the Income Tax Law.  This means that this article stipulates the possibility to submit Periodical Tax Basis Balance Sheet in order to consolidate the income tax for the current period as adequately as possible.

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Turkish citizen, with Estonian OU crypto currency exchange company

“My Estonian company with cryptocurrency activity is working through Serbian branch like a clockwork. Accounts opened in three different banks with E banking. Before Serbia I had problem opening bank accounts for my company.“

42-year-old Ukrainian citizen, with a holding company in Seychelles, plastics industry expert

“After years of trying to open a bank account of my Seychelles company, I have managed to revive it by forming a branch in Serbia, which once again gave me full access to banking services. Splendid!“

37-year-old businessman from Cyprus

“As the owner of a non-resident corporate account, I am very positively surprised by the speed with which a non-resident account is opened in Serbia for my company registered in Cyprus. The company is dealing with cryptocurrency trading. In less than a month, almost without any difficulty I got a bank account for my company, which is fully operational and which I use without any extra paperwork.“