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October 1, 2022

  According to the provisions of the law regulating companies, a representative office of a foreign legal entity is not a legal entity. According to the provisions of the law regulating corporate profit tax, it is not a permanent establishment (it does not perform an activity, only preparatory activities and the activities that precede contract conclusion) and it does not keep business records in accordance to the accounting regulations….

September 22, 2022

In practice, we can often hear the statement of the founder-owner of a business company who thinks, “It’s my company, I can do whatever I want”. But, is it so?

September 7, 2022

Withholding tax is the tax amount that is kept by income or profit payers and transferred to the tax authority account on behalf of taxpayers. When we are talking about withholding tax in regard to the Law, what we have in mind is the technique of income tax collection in the country where a non-resident has gained the income or, in this particular case, in the Republic of Serbia.

Many will not understand you and your finances, we will. We will understand them in 4 foreign languages. You may rely on the multilingual support of Creative Finance.


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Turkish citizen, with Estonian OU crypto currency exchange company

“My Estonian company with cryptocurrency activity is working through Serbian branch like a clockwork. Accounts opened in three different banks with E banking. Before Serbia I had problem opening bank accounts for my company.“

CEO of Russian IT company

“When we opened a company in Serbia, we needed accountants with work experience who speak English and Russian. We contacted Creative Finance and, to our pleasure, our cooperation has continued for 2 years now. High praise for professionalism, dedication and excellent knowledge of law and finance“

37-year-old businessman from Cyprus

“As the owner of a non-resident corporate account, I am very positively surprised by the speed with which a non-resident account is opened in Serbia for my company registered in Cyprus. The company is dealing with cryptocurrency trading. In less than a month, almost without any difficulty I got a bank account for my company, which is fully operational and which I use without any extra paperwork.“