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Creative Finance Team

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Gorica Petrović

Gorica has many years of experience in the field of finance. Finance and accounting are in her blood, as she herself comes from a family that was among the first to own a bookkeeping agency in Serbia.She successfully completed her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. She completed her specialist studies for Tax Consultancy at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade, and as early as in 2000, she was awarded the title of Certified Accountant by the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Yugoslavia, as well as the title of Auditor awarded to her by the Ministry of Finance. He believes that constant learning and upgrading of knowledge is a priority in every business. She undertakes every business task enthusiastically and thoroughly. She is fluent in Russian and English.


Nina Škondrić

After successfully completing her education in the field of marketing and finance at the Belgrade Business Academy of Applied Studies, she continued her professional development working as an accountant, first for domestic and then also for foreign clients. Nina believes that in addition to formal education, every accountant must pay attention to upgrading the skills and knowledge. It is for this reason that Nina constantly keeps up with the novelties and trends in the world of finance. With her daily business challenges, she successfully continues her work in accounting and finance within Creative Finance. Being of Russian origin, he is fluent in both Russian and Serbian.


Sanja Mitić

Sanja graduated from High School of Economics, educational profile: Economic Technician. She has years of experience in the field of finance, accounting, financial reporting and analysis for the companies performing different activities. Sanja has gained experience and
knowledge in nationally and foreign-owned companies. At “Creative Finance”, she is engaged in posting all types of business changes, payments conducted through e-banking applications, communicating with tax authorities, as well as processing work-related topics in
regard to the company website.


Our team of experts

It matters what team you play for.


Milan Dobrosavljević

Milan has acquired his extensive experience working for law firms as well as for the Serbian Government. As a senior partner and CEO in a law and lobbying firm Belgrade Legal Consultants, Milan continues to build his career as a member of international group of law firms, 5C Law
headquartered in Rotterdam, as well as special adviser in Brussels based Foresight International Policy and Regulatory Advisers (FIPRA) network. Due to his extensive international experience, Milan currently enjoys the position of Vice President of Israeli Business Association in Serbia, member of National Elections Committee for the Greek National Minority Council and Chairmen of the Supervisory Board of Chamber of Commerce of Green Serbia. Fluent in French, English and native Serbian.


Bojan Timotijević

Vice President of Swiss International Partners & Alpha Partners, as well as the Executive Sales Director of Welcome to Serbia. With 12 years of banking experience in one of the largest banking groups, he has collaborated with a number of the largest international groups and companies operating in Serbia. Bojan Timotijević is a banking specialist who will offer you the best solution for developing business opportunities. Fluent in English and Serbian.


Nebojša Sević

Experienced executive manager with more than 20 years of experience working at Zepter International Company. Through work in Austria, Poland, Monaco, Romania and Serbia in executive positions in the company Zepter he acquired valuable experiences in planning, implementing, managing and overseeing company’s overall business strategy. He was also in the position of Export Director in the company of Rubin. Due to the extensive experience and knowledge in law, finance, sales and marketing, he may help you set up, optimize and improve your business. Fluent in English and Serbian.


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