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July 25, 20230

Self-taxation of freelancers in Serbia is regulated by amendments to the Individual Income Tax Law, as well as by Article 28 of the Law on Mandatory Social Security Insurance Contributions

July 14, 20230

Loans for liquidity, i.e. a liquidity loan agreementis an obligation which applies to two natural persons, to a natural person and a legal entity, but not to an entrepreneur. The question is why?

July 4, 20230

Capital gains tax is an integral part of individual income tax. In preceding articles we discussed the range of tax reforms which have been implemented in the recent years, and it was precisely the Individual Income Tax Law that has undergone the most changes...

June 8, 20230

The motive for such a serious topic is the large number of clients whom we encounter in our line of work, and who come to us with a range of problems: misunderstandings with the accountant about business problems and their solutions...

June 5, 20230

Obtaining the work permit is a basic requirement for a non-resident, in order for them to establish an employment relationship. According to the Labour Law, two types of contracts can be concluded with the company director...

May 29, 20230

When speaking about the liabilities of the founder, a member of a company, we need to keep in mind the provisions of the Individual Income Tax Law, the Law on Mandatory Social Insurance, as well as the Act on Pension and Disability Insurance...